Brief overview on NDD service

An NDD service is the straight order execution without dealing center.

NDD stands for Non Dealing Desk – an execution without dealer. It is also known as the STP model which means Straight Through Processing.

With this type of dealing center arrangement every clients’ order is transferred directly to the open market.  As a rule the open market stands for interbank surrounding or in the other words a ECN system.

The main advantage of the above technology is the maximum speed of order processing and the lowest possible market spreads from zero points.

The drawback of this technology is as follows: although most of the time spreads are just a few pips, there are no limits on the spread expansion as they are transferred directly from the market and not handled by the dealing center. This situation might occur at the time of the news announcement and in the absence of the required liquidity especially when the order has the huge volume.

NDD services is perfect for the traders with the deposit from USD 10 000 that use scalping (a great number of transactions within an hour or even a minute)

Our company offers high quality NDD service. Carefully selected liquidity providers allow us to guarantee almost lowest spreads along with the highest execution speed.

We charge for the operational work one of the smallest commissions of USD 6 for the standard contract of USD 100 000. Please note that the commission is reduced up to USD 1according to the standard chart .

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