Frequently Asked Questions


  • Please advise advantages and disadvantages of the NDD service?
    NND service it is when every order is transferred to the open market without dealer, please see details here.

    The main advantage is highest available speed (less than a minute) of the order execution, the lowest possible spreads (from zero points) and no conflict between broker and trader. All transactions are transferred to the market.

    The service disadvantage is that it is not possible to guarantee the limit orders execution at the indicated prices, and also sometimes spreads might expand for small time, especially during the breaking news. There are no bonuses at the NDD service as the charges are as low as possible.

    The min deposit on the NDD services is USD 300, so the possibility to trade with the micro 0,01 lots is also available. The max. leverage is 1:100.

  • Can the spread be equal zero? How often does it happen? How does the company gain profit?
    Yes, the spread can be equal zero and rarely even negative. The Company earns profit on fixed commissions and sometimes on the spot-forward currency exchange arbitrage (through the counterparty where bid-ask>0). It is called Choice when spread is equal zero. This situation is extremely profitable for trader. Due to the innovative Larson&Holz technologies the Choice situation often happens. For the details please see here
  • Please advise documents required for the account opening?
    Upon account registration please download the passport copy into the Personal Area.
  • How long does it take to credit funds on the account?
    In most cases (Credit cards, E-money) the deposit is credited automatically. Wire transfer normally takes 2-3 days.
  • How long does it take to withdraw the funds?
    The major withdraw method for NDD services is bank transfer. The bank transfer takes 2-3 days.
    The recommended amount for the bank transfer is from USD 1000. However our company works on the  automatic (online) withdrawal methods for NDD service. Some of them such as Qiwi and Web money are already  available.

  • Are there any limitations for the online cash withdrawal?
    The automatic cash withdrawal is possible only to the E-money account used for the deposit. The max. amount for the online withdraw is USD 300. Also you should execute at least 3 standard lots after the last account replenishment.
  • Please advise how I can withdraw profit by wire transfer?
    Please fill in the Payment Instruction sign it and download it in your personal area. Upon the document verification please fill in the electronic request in section WITHDRAWAL. The requested will be executed within 24 hours.
  • What is the min account number in your company?
    The min. account for Start NDD service if USD 300. The smallest contract size is 0,01 of a standard lot, so technically it is possible to place orders till there is at least USD 10 at the account.

    For the positional trading we can offer non swap Safe-NDD service where Swap is not charged for 2 month and interest rate up to 3% is allowed. The min deposit  on the Safe service is USD 10000.

    For the beginners we have created the Start service with the min deposit of USD 250, but it is not available for NDD. Please see details here.
  • In which currency can I withdraw money?
    In any currency. Since all deposits in our Company are in USD, in case of withdrawal of funds in a currency different from USD, they will be automatically converted into another currency at the current exchange rate.
  • What is SWIFT?
    SWIFT code is the international identification code of a bank, a member of SWIFT organization and according to which data exchange between banks is carried out.
  • I want to train in trading at financial markets. How can I do it?
    You can open a free demo account. To do this, download Rate Streamer, install it to your computer and register the demo account in Rate Streamer.
  • Why in my Market Watch only a few financial instruments are displayed, although your site says that you provide trading opportunities for a much wider range of instruments?
    For each service a certain set of financial instruments is available. Right-click on any instrument in the Market Watch window and select 'Show all symbols' in the menu.
  • What does the record "IR 150" in Rate Streamer mean?
    It means that interest rate of 150 USD has been added to your deposit.
  • What should I do if Rate Streamer shows the message "Can't allocate account"?
    If you use Rate Streamer at your working place, you are probably connected to the Internet via a firewall or a proxy-server or your port 443 is closed. In this case, try to activate working through SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy-server in settings 'Tools -> Options -> Server -> Proxy' from Rate Streamer. Contact your system administrator about proxy-server parameters. As a last resort, ask your system administrator to open port 443.
  • What should I do if Rate Streamer shows the message "Invalid login"?
    Probably, more than 30 days have passed after you opened the demo account and your demo account has been deleted by the server. In this case download a new training account.
  • I use a Safe service but I want to switch to a Standard. How can I do this?
    Leave an inquiry in a free form at the site section Account Management -> Client Support.
    If you are served in one of the Company representative officers please contact your adviser.

  • What is your commission for money withdrawal?
    There is no commission for money withdrawal in our Company. In case of an international bank transfer the correspondent bank charges commission 20-50 USD.
  • In which currency can I make a money transfer?
    In any currency. You can find requisites for transfer of funds at our site, in section "How to start -> Details for transfer".
  • I want to conclude a transaction but "Not enough money" is displayed. What does this mean?
    This means that you have not enough funds for this transaction. Try to reduce the number of lots or close some positions.
  • Why interest rate hasn't been added? Why the added interest rate is not complete?
    Interest rate is added daily if the free margin of the current day is more than 2'500 USD; otherwise, interest rate will not be added. The added interest rate is accumulated at the special Company account and will be fully added to the Client's account at the beginning of each month.
  • I have registered at your site but I haven’t received a confirmation to my email address. What is the reason?
    A letter with the activation line should come to your email within one day. Otherwise, repeat registration and specify a different email address.
  • I want to become a partner of the Company. Information at the site is insufficient. How can I learn more?
    You can open the off-line representation office in you city and as the legal entity receive up USD 25 for every transaction.
    You should file an application from our site. Remember to indicate your telephone number and email. Our officer will contact you as soon as possible and answer all your questions.

    You are also welcome to be a web representative of the company and to attract referral clients via internet for the commission of USD 10 for every lot. No documents is required for this type of partnership.  Please see details here.

    The only limitation for this programme is that you cannot be a referral of yourself or of the first degree relative. In case you are working vis already existing office the referral programme is also not available for you.
  • What time does Rate Streamer display?
    GMT+1 (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • I am a client of the Company. I sent a question to the support service by email to info@lh-broker.com.. Two days have passed but I still haven't received anything. Why?
    Email address info@lh-broker.com a  public email. To receive a prompt reply, for the Company's Clients it is recommended to ask questions at the site, in section Clients’ area> Support.
    If you are served in one of the Company representative officers please contact your adviser.
  • In which language can I communicate with your support service?
    In any language, indicated at our site.
  • Should I pay profits tax?
    Larson&Holz IT Ltd. is an international company. Our Company does not provide information about our Clients to local tax authorities. Taxation issues are the responsibility of the Client.
  • How long can I keep the opened position?
    You can keep the position opened as long as you want. Please note that we offer a Safe service that allows keeping the position up to 2 months without SWAP.
  • What is the Forex Family programme?
    Forex Family is a special marketing programme of Larson and Holz. It includes a number of some unique options: commission reduction, Islamic accounts Interest rate on the deposit and etc. Please see details here
  • What is the spread value in your company?
    We offer the smallest possible spreads directly from the liquidity providers. This means that we have market spreads from 0,1 pip. We just charge the small commission of USD 7 for USD 100000 for majors and USD 8 for crosses. The commission is reduced up to USD 1 depending on the number of transactions. Please see details here

  • Are there any limitations for the Safe service?
    Safe service is Islamic or non swap account. For this type of account we offer non swap holidays for two months and the raised Interest rate up to 10% on the deposit. But please note that we charge single commission of USD 20 for 1 contract. The deposit of USD 10000-50000 can be transferred on this service if there are no open trades. There are certain limits on this service and can be temporary unavailable.
  • I assume that on the Non deposit account it is obligatory to complete the trading volume of 3 lots within 3 days, Am I right?
    No, you are wrong, The Non deposit Forex bonus is available for 3 days and there are no limitations on the number of transactions. When you credit the account with the real money the account is moved to Start service and you a welcome to trade on it for any time you want and to withdraw your profit upon executing the trading volume that equals 3 lots.
  • Is it compulsory to double the account for the Non-deposit Forex? Can I get my profit if is less than USD 100?
    The largest possible amount of payoff is USD 100, the minimum is USD 1. You do not have to double the account  you are welcome to draw any profit after you deposit the requested amount on your account and performing the required number of Lots.
  • I would like to open the non-deposit account, but the system informs me that this service is not available. What is the problem?
    Sorry to say but there are certain limitations on this service. One client has three registration attempts also in case the company will notice some abuses such as registration the accounts on the third party etc. the bonus account might be disqualified. If the above service is blocked for you are welcome to enjoy our other services.
  • Are there any specific limitations on the Non-deposit accounts? What will happen is I bend the rules?
    It is strictly forbidden to register accounts on the third party. Cheating is not allowed upon executing the transactions required by the programme.
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