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Larson&Holz held its traditional Annual Congress in Saint-Petersburg. This time the event took place in Astoria Hotel, next to the famous Saint-Isaac’s Cathedral. The Congress gathered more than 340 people ready to listen to the speakers and discuss the hottest financial topics of this year.

The Congress speaker Mikhail Hazin is the President of the Foundation of Economics Research; in his lively and unbuttoned manner Mr Hazin shared his professional view on the prospect of the business environment in Russia after the Presidential Election, reserve currency issues, the future of American Dollar as the main means of world’s economy, etc.

The guest experts, including Oleg Dmitriev – the author and host of “Dnevnik Speculyanta” (“Speculator’s Diary”) on Stolitsa FM, - discussed alternative investment and paid special attention to cryptocurrencies.

One of the main discussion points of this Congress was LH-Crypto ICO. George Pavloff, one of Larson&Holz top managers, and Alexandr Smirnoff, the Head of Control and Audit Department, gave their reports of ICO results, their plans and project prospects. Congress speakers expressed their eager interest to this topic.

Congress participants were active to share their opinions and experience, there even were some more ICO founders. In the end, Mikhail Hazin gave an interview which will soon be available on our site and social media.





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Traditional Business Congress with Mikhail Hazin
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