Introducing Broker

On-line or web representative - is the companies’ agent who draws clients through the internet and gets the commission for every trading lot. As distinct from the off-line office web representative does not have the real office and works without registration of the legal entity.

In Larson&Holz every client with the trading Start, Standard or Safe account becomes our partner automatically. No additional documents are required. Your account (Login) is you individual partners’ (franchise) number.

We pay up to USD 4 for every closed lot of your clients. The agent commission is accrued on your account once a month.

To get returns for every drawn client you have to attach it to you account. This can be done automatically or manually.

For the automatic attachment the client should go to our site using the link your account number.

For example: you have the account with Larson&Holz 250235.

When the client uses the link to visit our site its computer will be marked in our system and registered under you account. Even if the client will open an account in a month it will be automatically attached to your login.

You may register the client manually as well. In this case you should insert you account number in the field Fr. Number upon clients’ registration.

You are welcome to see in the Personal area the list of your clients including their details.

With this information you can not only check your agent commission but to contact and consult your clients and to influence their activity.

Thus the first step to be our partner is to open the real trading account.
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